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About Oregon Middle School

Learning for ourselves, each other, and the world.

Vision of an Oregon Middle School Graduate 

Oregon Middle School Citizens show respect, responsibility, and empathy when they:

  • ask meaningful questions
  • think independently and work collaboratively
  • analyze information and communicate effectively
  • address challenges creatively
  • take ownership of how their actions affect themselves and the world
  • advocate for equity and social justice
  • serve their community

Theory of Action

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

If we ask students two Social Emotional Learning (SEL) questions at the beginning of each class, then students will have a stronger sense of belonging that will improve their social-emotional and mental health.

School Culture & Climate

If we utilize student, family, and staff voice to develop shared agreements of what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to be a panther then we will be able to teach authentic 21st century skills and see increases in engagement.

Instructional Practice

If we utilize the instructional best practice of Marking the Text (MIT) as a universal strategy for every student, then students will better be able to access grade-level instruction.

Family & Community Engagement

If we intentionally prioritize listening to and learning from families of our focus students as our partners, we will increase communication and promote stronger connections.

Portrait of a Graduate

If we build relationships through learning partnerships by creating personalized profiles (one-pagers, videos, collages, vision boards, etc) to showcase the strengths, interests, and amazingness of our scholars then we will increase their self-identity and self-advocacy.

Staff Collaboration (PLC+)

If we provide time and space for educators to build ALL staff's capacity/collective efficacy, then staff will better be able to consistently utilize instructional best practices such as Marking the Text (MIT) to meet students equity needs.