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Forest Restoration

Goats grazing in OMS forest

Over the years, the Oregon School District has shown a strong dedication to environmental sustainability and education, and we're committed to keeping that tradition alive in the future.

The Oregon School District believes it is critical for the future of our planet to develop learners who are ecologically literate and environmentally responsible citizens and stewards.  We believe it is important to model the District’s commitment by establishing these values and developing practices consistent with them.Board Policy 139

We're fortunate to have a beautiful forest area adjacent to Oregon Middle School. We've been working on a project to restore this area to its natural status and use it as a learning space for students. To do this, invasive species must be cleared from the area to give native plants an opportunity to thrive. There are three phases to the restoration project:

Phase 1: Clearing invasive species with the use of goats (Completed in May 2023)
Phase 2: Implementing invasive shrub control (Completed in Summer 2023)
Phase 3: Conducting prescribed burns (Scheduled for the future - Date to be determined)

Phase 1: Goats Clear Invasive Species

Spring 2023

In the first phase of the OMS Forest Restoration project, we teamed up with some adorable helpers: goats! Over about 20 days, these furry friends grazed on the invasive species in the forest area next to Oregon Middle School. While this was happening, the school forest remained open, except for some areas along the main walking path. We're excited about the enthusiasm surrounding this effort and have put together a list of frequently asked questions for you below.

For additional questions not answered here, please contact Nate Mahr at or Chris Mitchell at

Frequently Asked Questions