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Grade 7 Class Registration

In seventh grade at OMS, students follow an 8-period daily schedule. These periods consist of both required and elective classes. Some classes meet every day, while others meet every other day. Classes that meet every day are called 1.0 periods, while those meeting every other day are 0.5 periods. Additionally, some classes run for the entire school year, while others run for only half the year.

Students have a variety of elective class options, including Band, Orchestra, Choir, and STEAM. They can choose up to three (3) elective classes. Any remaining periods will be filled with a study hall.

Janette Neumann

Administrative Assistant

Required Class Option Descriptions

Seventh grade students are required to take English and World Language, and have a choice as to which classes they select.

Elective Class Option Descriptions

Seventh-grade students have the option to choose up to three (3) elective classes, totaling 1.5 periods of elective courses. Elective periods are divided into 1.0 periods, which meet every day, and 0.5 periods, meeting every other day. Depending on the combination of elective classes chosen, one or more may be scheduled every other day. Students who do not fill the full 1.5 periods with elective classes will be assigned a study hall for the remaining periods.

Please note: Once scheduled, elective classes can only be dropped within the first week of school or at the end of each semester. This requires approval from a parent/guardian, teacher, and administration. If a student is enrolled in two every-other-day music or elective classes and decides to drop one, the remaining music class will switch to every day, not a study hall.