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Grade 8 Class Registration

Eighth-grade OMS students follow an 8-period daily schedule comprising required and elective classes. Some classes convene daily, while others alternate days. Additionally, certain classes run for the entire school year, while others span half the year (1.0 period = daily; 0.5 period = every other day).

Note: Elective classes can only be dropped within the first week of school or at the end of each semester, pending approval from a parent/guardian, teacher, and administration. If students enrolled in every-other-day music classes opt to drop one after the school year commences, they will attend the remaining music class daily (without being placed in a study hall).

Janette Neumann

Administrative Assistant

8th Grade Schedule Overview

Required Classes (5.5 periods)

  • English
  • Health
  • History
  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Technical Education

Elective Classes (2.5 periods)

  • Art (Exploratory & Extended)
  • German
  • Music (Band, Choir, Orchestra)
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • STEAM (STEAM 8 & STEAM Naturally)

Note: Frequency of choice classes each week is dependent on number of classes selected.

Action Steps for Families

  1. Review class options below.
  2. Select the English course your student would like to take.
  3. Select the PE course your student will take.
  4. Select elective classes. Students may select a total of 2.5 periods worth of elective classes. Remaining period(s) will be filled with a study hall.
  5. Complete the course selection form.​​​​​​

Class Options Descriptions

Please review the course descriptions and options below before making your selections.

Note: 1.0 period = every day; 0.5 period = every other day