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OHS Registration for 8th Graders

Oregon High School Entrance at Twilight

Oregon Middle School students will engage in course selection and register for 9th-grade classes at Oregon High School from mid-January to mid-February of their 8th-grade year.

Course Selection & Registration Process Overview

  1. OHS counselors visit 8th-grade health classes to discuss the registration process with students (January)
  2. Families are invited to attend 9th-grade orientation (late January / early February)
  3. Students complete course request forms in class and take them home for parent/guardian sign-off (early February)
  4. Students enter course selections into the registration system (Xello) with counselors during class (mid-February)
  5. Students are notified of courses that will not run and given the option to request schedule changes (May)
  6. Schedules are sent to students, and the schedule change request process begins (August)

Registration Notes

  • Student Choices Matter: Your honest and thoughtful course selections are key to creating our schedule and assigning teachers.
  • Choose What Interests You: Pick classes you're genuinely interested in, including alternatives. If there's not enough interest in a class, we may not be able to offer it.
  • Scheduling is a Puzzle: Crafting the schedule involves juggling budgets, staffing, and resources based on what students request.
  • We Do Our Best: While we try to accommodate everyone, sometimes there's high demand for a class we can't fit due to space or teacher availability.

OHS Course Guide & Descriptions

Please explore course descriptions and programs of study before making your selections.

OHS Academic & Career Planning Guide