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Heritage Spanish Program

Student in Heritage Spanish program reading to young learner

This program supports students who speak Spanish at home by providing reading and writing instruction in Spanish. Our goal is to help our students proficient in Spanish to bridge their home and school cultures while developing biliteracy. Bilingual instruction also supports English development. Any student with a strong proficiency in Spanish, and lives in a household where Spanish is spoken regularly, will be assessed to determine entry into the program. Spanish literacy instruction is approximately 30-45 minutes daily or every-other day; students receive all core instruction in their regular education classrooms.

The Heritage Spanish program is currently offered at Brooklyn Elementary, Forest Edge Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Rome Corners Intermediate, Oregon Middle School, and Oregon High School.

Main Contacts

Brooklyn & Prairie View Elementary

Jasmin Hammes

Forest Edge Elementary

Kristina Springer

Rome Corners & Oregon Middle

Margaret Lofgren

Oregon High School

Margaret Zywicki